Renault Clio: RENAULT card


 General information

Unlocking the doors and tailgate. Locking all doors and tailgate. Switch on the courtesy lighting remotely. Unlocking/locking the tailgate Integrated key. The RENAULT card is used f


Unlocking the doors and tailgate Press button 1. The hazard warning lights flash once to indicate that the doors have been unlocked. When unlocking the driver’s door only is activated:


If the vehicle is equipped with a deadlocking function, this allows you to lock the opening elements and to prevent the doors from being unlocked using the interior handles (for example, by b


 Turbocharging: Precautions for the repair

D4F or K9K I - TURBOCHARGER: GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS For the turbocharging pressure regulator check (see Fault finding - Tests) (Technical Note 3419A, 12B, Turbocharging). WARNING The turbocharger pressure regulator rod must not be adjusted. II - TURBOCHARGER CIRCUIT DIAGRAM Air filter unit Air fl

 Side Opening Elements

Front side door: Removal - Refitting I - REMOVAL WITHOUT HINGES 1 - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Disconnect the door wiring harness supply connector. 2 - OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF PART CONCERNED Remove: the door mounting nuts (1), the door. II - REFITTING WITHOUT HINGES 1 - OPERATION

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