Renault Clio: Fitting a radio

Radio location 1

Renault Clio. Radio location

Unclip the blanking cover. The aerial, + and – supply and speaker wire connections are located behind it.

Door speakers 2

Renault Clio. Door speakers

To install any equipment, please consult an authorised dealer.

  • In all cases, it is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • The specifications of the brackets and wires (available from our network) vary depending on the equipment level of your vehicle and the type of radio.

    Consult an approved Dealer to find out the correct part number.

  • No work may be carried out on the vehicle’s electrical or radio circuits, except by approved dealers: an incorrectly connected system may result in damage being caused to the electrical equipment and/or the components connected to it.



Electrical and electronic accessoriesBefore installing this type of accessory (particularly for transmitters/receivers: frequency bandwidth, power level, position of the aerial, etc.

 Wipers (replacing blades)

Replacing windscreen wiper blades 1 With the ignition off, lift wiper arm 2; turn blade 1. Lower tab 3, by pressing on either side A. Then push the blade forwards B, to release


Before towing, unlock the steering column: with the clutch depressed, engage first gear (lever in position N or R for vehicles with automatic gearboxes), insert the RENAULT card in the card reade


 Dashboard cross member: Removal - Refitting

Note: In the event of a front impact with triggering of airbags, check the area of connection between both diameters of the beam. If there is any damage visible to the naked eye, this part must be replaced. REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove: the front doors (see 47A, Side opening

 Interior rear-view mirror: Removal - Refitting

REMOVAL OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF PART CONCERNED Unclip: the upper cover, the lower cover. Note: When removing the rear view mirror, be careful not to damage the rain sensor nearby. Disconnect the connectors. Remove the rear view mirror. REFITTING REFITTING OPERATION FOR PART CONCERN

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