Renault Clio III (2005-2013) Service Manual

Renault Clio III (2005-2013) Service Manual

Service Manual for third generation (2005-2013) Renault Clio. The repair procedures given by the manufacturer in this document are based on the technical specifications current when it was prepared. The procedures may be modified as a result of changes introduced by the manufacturer in the production of the various component units and accessories from which the vehicles are constructed.


 General Vehicle Information

Vehicle Mechanical Specifications Vehicle: Specifications B85 or C85 or S85 K85 Dimensions in metres : a: Engine running on an ethanol/petrol mixture. Vehicle Bodywork Specifications Vehicle: Id

 Engine And Peripherals

 Engine And Cylinder Block Assembly


 Wiping - Washing

Wiping and washing: List and location of components Passenger compartment fuse and relay box Protection and Switching Unit Power supply fuse board UCH Rain sensor Wiper switch Windscreen wiper motor Rear screen wiper motor Washer pump Headlight washer pump I - PASSENGER COMPARTMENT FUS

 Immobiliser system: List and location of components

I - LIST OF COMPONENTS II - LOCATION OF COMPONENTS VEHICLE WITH KEY 1 - Antenna/Transponder ring 2 - Ignition switch 3 - UCH 4 - Key VEHICLE WITH CARD 5 - Front starting aerial 6 - Central starting aerial 7 - Rear starting aerial 8 - Start button 9 - Card reader 10 - UCH 11 - Electric ste

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