Renault Clio: Practical advice


 Puncture, emergency spare wheel

 In case of puncture

Depending on the vehicle, a tyre inflation kit or emergency spare wheel is provided (refer to the following pages). If the emergency spare wheel has been stored for several years, have i

 Emergency spare wheel

Open the tailgate; lift the carpet; lift the cover 1 and remove it; remove the tool kit by lifting it by its handles; The label 2 reminds you of how to operate the emergenc


 Front side door electric window mechanism: Removal - Refitting

REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove the front side door trim (see Front side door trim: Removal - Refitting) (72A, Side opening elements trim). Open the access flaps (1) and (2) of the window winder mechanism following the marking on the door sealing film (see Door sealing fi

 Reverse gear switch: Removal - Refitting

TL4 REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove: the battery (see Battery: Removal - Refitting) (80A, Battery), the battery tray (see Battery tray: Removal - Refitting) (80A, Battery). II - OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF PART CONCERNED Disconnect the connector (1) from the reverse

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