Renault Clio: Bodywork maintenance

A well-maintained vehicle will last longer. It is therefore recommended to maintain the exterior of the vehicle regularly.

Your vehicle has been treated with very effective anti-corrosion products. It is nevertheless subject to various outside influences.

Corrosive agents in the atmosphere

Minor impacts

Abrasive action

Dust and sand in the air, mud, road grit thrown up by other vehicles, etc.

You should take a number of minor precautions in order to safeguard your vehicle against such risks

What you should not do

Do not degrease or clean mechanical components (e.g. the engine compartment), underneath the body, parts with hinges (e.g. inside the doors) and painted plastic external fittings (e.g.

bumpers) using high-pressure cleaning equipment or by spraying on products not approved by our Technical Department. Doing this could give rise to corrosion or operational faults.

Wash the vehicle in bright sunlight or freezing temperatures.

Do not scrape off mud or dirt without pre-wetting.

Allow dirt to accumulate on the exterior.

Allow rust to form following minor impacts.

Do not use solvents not approved by our Technical Department to remove stains as this could damage the paintwork.

Do not drive in snow or muddy conditions without washing the vehicle, particularly under the wheel arches and body.

You should

Wash your car frequently, with the engine off, with cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer (never use abrasive products). Rinse thoroughly beforehand with a jet:

Remove any plant matter (resin, leaves, etc.) from the vehicle regularly.

Respect local regulations about washing vehicles (e.g. do not wash your vehicle on a public highway).

Observe the vehicle stopping distances when driving on gravelled surfaces to prevent paint damage.

Repair, or have repaired quickly, areas where the paint has been damaged, to prevent corrosion spreading.

Remember to visit the body shop periodically in order to maintain your anti-corrosion warranty. Refer to the Maintenance Document.

If it is necessary to clean mechanical components, hinges, etc., spray them with products approved by our Technical Department to protect them after they have been cleaned.

We have selected special products to care for your vehicle and you can obtain these from the manufacturer’s accessory outlets

Vehicles with a matte paint finish

This type of paint requires certain precautions.

Do not do the following

You should do the following Wash the vehicle by hand using plenty of water, using a soft cloth or a gentle sponge.

Using a roller type car wash

Return the windscreen wiper stalk to the Park position (refer to the information on the “Windscreen washer, wiper” in Section 1). Check the mounting of external accessories, additional lights and mirrors, and ensure that the wiper blades are secured with adhesive tape.

Remove the radio aerial mast if your vehicle is fitted with this equipment.

Remember to remove the tape and refit the antenna after washing.

Cleaning the headlights

As the headlights are made of plastic “glass”, use a soft cloth or cotton wool to clean them. If this does not clean them properly, moisten the cloth with soapy water, then wipe clean with a soft damp cloth or cotton wool.

Finally, carefully dry off with a soft dry cloth.

Cleaning products containing alcohol must not be used.


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