Renault Clio: Maintenance



To open the bonnet, pull the handle 1. Before performing any action in the engine compartment, the ignition must be switched off by pressing the engine stop button (please see

 Engine oil level: general information

It is normal for an engine to use oil for lubrication and cooling of moving parts and it is normal to top up the level between oil changes. However, contact your approved Dealer if more than 0.

 Engine oil level: topping up, filling

Topping up/filling The vehicle must be parked on level ground and the engine should be cold (for instance, before the engine is started up for the first time in the day). Before perfor


 3rd brake light: Removal - Refitting

B85 or C85 or S85 REMOVAL OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF PART CONCERNED Remove the blanking covers (1). Insert a screwdriver in the openings to move the clips (2). Apply pressure to the clips (2) to unclip the high level brake light. Partially remove the raised brake light using a flat-blade


WARNING Do not run the engine without the accessories belt to avoid damaging the crankshaft accessories pulley. Note: Two different engine support tools can be used to remove the right-hand suspended engine mounting: the (Mot. 1453) fitted with the (Mot. 1453-01) used only for standard remo

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