Renault Clio: Weights

The weights indicated for a basic vehicle without options: they vary depending on the your vehicle’s equipment. Consult your approved Dealer.

Renault Clio. Towing weights

* Towing weight (towing a caravan, boat, etc.)

Towing is prohibited when the MTR - MMAC calculation is equal to zero, or when the MTR is equal to zero (or is not listed) on the identification plate.

Weight transfer (except utility version)

Depending on the local legislation, if the Maximum Authorised Mass of the vehicle has not been reached, up to 300 kg can be transferred to the braked trailer, within the limits of the Gross Train Weight.


 Replacement parts and repairs

Original parts are based on strict specifications and are subject to highly-specialised tests. Therefore, they are of at least the same level of quality as the parts fitted originally. If you al

 Renault Clio III (2005-2013) Service Manual

Service and repair manual for Renault Clio, a third generation of this legendary compact hatchback, model years 2005-2013. With this guide you can discover various information about components of your


 Seat Accessories

Heated seat pad: Removal - Refitting WITHOUT SPORT SEATS, and DOCUMENTATION PHASE 1 REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove: the front seat (see 75A, Front seat frames and mechanisms, Complete front seat: Removal - Refitting, 75A-33), the seat base trim (see 77A, Front seat trim,

 Vacuum pump: Removal - Refitting

K9K REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove: the engine covers, the air filter duct. II - OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF PART CONCERNED Undo the vacuum pump retaining bracket bolt (3). Remove: the hose (1) connected to the brake servo, the pipe (2), the vacuum pump bolts (4)

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