Renault Clio: Fuses

Renault Clio. Fuses

Fuses in passenger compartment A

If any electrical component does not work, check the condition of the fuses.

Unclip the access flap A.

To comply with current legislation, or as a precaution, you can obtain an emergency kit from your approved dealer containing a set of spare bulbs and fuses.

Renault Clio. Fuses

Clip 1

Remove the fuse using tweezers 1, located at the back of flap A.

To remove the fuse from the tweezers, slide the fuse to the side.

It is not advisable to use the free fuse locations

Renault Clio. Fuses

Fuses in engine compartment B

Some functions are protected by fuses located in the engine compartment (unit B).

However, because of their reduced accessibility, we advise you to have your fuses replaced by an approved Dealer

Check the fuse in question and replace it, if necessary, by a fuse of the same rating.

If a fuse is fitted with too high a rating, it may cause the electrical circuit to overheat (risk of fire) in the event of an item of equipment using an excessive amount of current.

Allocation of fuses (the presence of certain fuse depends on the vehicle equipment level)

Renault Clio. Allocation of fuses



1 Front windscreen wiper, controls under steering wheel
2 Front left-hand daytime running lights, right-hand side lights, left-hand main beam headlight, right-hand dipped beam headlight, front fog lights
3 Interior lighting, registration plate lighting, fog lights
4 Right-hand side lights, rear side lights
5 Left-hand side lights, front side lights
6 Dipped beams, front right-hand daytime running light, left-hand side lights, right-hand main beam headlight
7 Left-hand dipped beam headlight
8 Right-hand main beam headlight
9 Left-hand main beam headlight, steering column controls
10 Steering column controls, speed limiter/cruise control, interior rear-view mirror, belt warning module, Parking sensor, additional heating, electric headlight beam adjustment, rear screen de-icer
11 Central door locking, rain and light sensor, steering wheel angle sensor, vehicle start button, electric rear windows
12 Courtesy light, boot light, air conditioning, electric windows
13 ABS-ESC, brake switch
14 Steering column controls, brake switch
15 Horn
16 Rear fog lights
17 Cigarette lighter
18 Radio and multimedia, diagnostic socket
19 Power-assisted steering
20 GPL
21 Airbag, electric locking of steering column
22 Injection, starting, fuel pump
23 Brake switch, rear screen wiper, passenger compartment ECU
24 Daytime running lights
25 Electric headlight beam adjustment, rear screen, heating, parking sensor, cruise control, radio, heated seat, seat belt warning
26 Automatic gearbox
27 Reversing light, rear screen wiper, passenger compartment ECU, Automatic gearbox
28 Instrument panel
29 Steering column controls, Alarm
30 Air conditioning, steering column controls, energy ECU
31 Wipers, rear reversing lights, energy ECU
32 Central locking of opening elements
33 Direction indicator lights
34 Passenger compartment ECU, hands-free access
35 Interior lighting, electric windows, air conditioning, electric door mirrors, brake lights, ABS, passenger compartment ECU



To avoid all risk of sparks: Ensure that any electrical consumers (courtesy lights, etc.) are switched off before disconnecting or reconnecting the battery. When charging, stop the charger

 Fitting a radio

Radio location 1 Unclip the blanking cover. The aerial, + and – supply and speaker wire connections are located behind it. Door speakers 2 To install any equipment, please consult an a


Electrical and electronic accessoriesBefore installing this type of accessory (particularly for transmitters/receivers: frequency bandwidth, power level, position of the aerial, etc.


 Front side door electric window mechanism: Removal - Refitting

REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove the front side door trim (see Front side door trim: Removal - Refitting) (72A, Side opening elements trim). Open the access flaps (1) and (2) of the window winder mechanism following the marking on the door sealing film (see Door sealing fi

 Exhaust: List and location of components

PIPE ASSEMBLY D4F, and 740 or 742 or 764 (ZC1) cutting area between the catalytic converter and the expansion chamber (ZC2) cutting area between the expansion chamber and the silencer D4F, and 784 or 786 (ZC1) cutting area between the expansion chamber and the silencer K4J (ZC1) cutting area betw

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