Renault Clio: High pressure pipe: Check


Renault Clio. High pressure pipe: Check


After any operation, check that there are no diesel fuel leaks

Renault Clio. High pressure pipe: Check

Renault Clio. High pressure pipe: Check

Note: The Diagnostic tool can be used for testing the high pressure circuit with the engine running.

This command can be used to run fault finding on a leak due to an incorrectly fitted or tightened union. This command only works if the engine coolant temperature is above 60


 Accelerometer: Removal - Refitting

K9K, and 750 or 752 or 760 or 762 or 766 or 768 Note: Vehicles equipped with the K9K*768 engine may or may not be equipped with an intercooler. REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove the

 Crankshaft position sensor: Removal - Refitting

K9K, and 764 or 766 or 768 REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Position the vehicle on a two-post lift (see Vehicle: Towing and lifting). Disconnect the battery (see Battery: Removal - Refi



 Engine oil grade

Refer to the Maintenance Service Booklet for your vehicle. Filling: take care when topping up the oil that no oil drips onto engine components - risk of fire. Remember to refit the cap securely as there is a risk of fire if oil splashes onto hot engine components.

 Towing a vehicle with an automatic gearbox

With the engine switched off, the transmission is no longer lubricated. It is preferable to tow this type of vehicle on a trailer or tow it with the front wheels off the ground. Under exceptional circumstances, you may tow the vehicle with all four wheels on the ground, only going forward,

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