Renault Clio: High pressure pipe: Check


Renault Clio. High pressure pipe: Check


After any operation, check that there are no diesel fuel leaks

Renault Clio. High pressure pipe: Check

Renault Clio. High pressure pipe: Check

Note: The Diagnostic tool can be used for testing the high pressure circuit with the engine running.

This command can be used to run fault finding on a leak due to an incorrectly fitted or tightened union. This command only works if the engine coolant temperature is above 60


 Accelerometer: Removal - Refitting

K9K, and 750 or 752 or 760 or 762 or 766 or 768 Note: Vehicles equipped with the K9K*768 engine may or may not be equipped with an intercooler. REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove the

 Crankshaft position sensor: Removal - Refitting

K9K, and 764 or 766 or 768 REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Position the vehicle on a two-post lift (see Vehicle: Towing and lifting). Disconnect the battery (see Battery: Removal - Refi




IMPORTANT To avoid all risk of damage to the systems, apply the safety and cleanliness instructions and operation recommendations before carrying out any repair (see Engine: Precautions for the repair). WARNING It is strictly forbidden to apply any pressure to the engine oil sump. Damage to the s

 Additional methods of restraint

All of the warnings below are given so that the airbag is not obstructed in any way when it is inflated and also to prevent the risk of serious injuries caused by items which may be dislodged when it inflates. The airbag is designed to complement the action of the seat belt. Both th

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