Renault Clio: To the rear seat belts

Force limiter

Above a certain severity of impact, this mechanism is used to limit the force of the belt against the body so that it is at an acceptable level.

  • Have the entire restraint system checked following an accident.
  • No operation whatsoever is permitted on any part of the system (air bags, electronic control units, wiring) and the system components must not be reused on any other vehicle, even if identical.
  • Only qualified personnel from our Network may work on the air bags; otherwise the system may trigger accidentally and cause injury.



Side Airbags This airbag may be fitted to each of the front seats and is activated at the sides of the seats (door side) to protect the occupants in the event of a severe side impact. Dep

 Additional methods of restraint

All of the warnings below are given so that the airbag is not obstructed in any way when it is inflated and also to prevent the risk of serious injuries caused by items which may be dislodged when

 Child safety



The replacement of filter components (air filter, cabin filter, diesel filter, etc.) is scheduled in the maintenance operations for your vehicle. Replacement intervals for filter elements: refer to the Maintenance Document for your vehicle. Before performing any action in the engi

 Rear fog lights: Removal - Refitting

REMOVAL OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF PART CONCERNED K85, and DOCUMENTATION PHASE 1 Move the rear fog light using the tool (Car. 1363) as a lever at (1). B85 or C85 or S85, and DOCUMENTATION PHASE 2 Move the rear fog light using the tool (Car. 1363) as a lever at (2).   Disconnect the rea

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