Renault Clio: Getting to know your vehicle

Renault Clio IV (2014-2019) Owners Manual / Getting to know your vehicle



 General information

Unlocking the doors and tailgate. Locking all doors and tailgate. Switch on the courtesy lighting remotely. Unlocking/locking the tailgate Integrated key. The RENAULT card is used f


Unlocking the doors and tailgate Press button 1. The hazard warning lights flash once to indicate that the doors have been unlocked. When unlocking the driver’s door only is activated:


 Exhaust: Precautions for the repair

I - PARTS AND CONSUMABLES FOR THE REPAIR 1 - Parts always to be replaced: the exhaust trunking (if fitted) the seal or sealing ring on the connection between the catalytic converter or catalytic pre-converter and the rest of the exhaust system the exhaust clip(s) (if fitted) 2 - Consumables

 Front driveshaft gaiter, wheel side: Removal - Refitting

M4R, and TL4 REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove the driveshaft on the side concerned (see 29A, Driveshafts, Front right-hand driveshaft: Removal - Refitting, 29A-9) or (see 29A, Driveshafts, Front left-hand driveshaft: Removal - Refitting, 29A-2). II - OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF

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