Renault Clio: Getting to know your vehicle

Renault Clio IV (2014-2019) Owners Manual / Getting to know your vehicle

In this section you will find general information about your vehicle. It is important to familiarize yourself with how to properly use seat belts, seats, and the features of the operation of airbags. Special attention is paid to child safety, which is implemented in the car. The use of headlights, side mirrors, sound and visual signals is also disclosed in detail.



 Rear brake disc: Removal - Refitting

DISC BRAKE Brake discs cannot be reground. If there is excessive scoring or wear, they will need to be replaced (see 30A, General information, Brake: Specifications, 30A-9). When replacing a brake disc, be sure to replace the disc on the opposite side. Be sure to replace the brake pads if the bra

 Clutch: Precautions for the repair

Before removing the clutch, check: The direction of fitting for the clutch plate. Before refitting the clutch, check: The flywheel friction track (no scratches or blue stains), The crankshaft bearing (no sticking), The engine and gearbox seals (replace if necessary), The sliding action of

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