Renault Clio: Transporting objects


 Towing, attachments

Permissible nose weight, maximum permissible towing weight, braked and unbraked: refer to the information on “Weights” in Section 6. For fitting and conditions of use,

 Luggage net

Luggage net A On equipped vehicles, this can be used when transporting animals or luggage, to separate them from the passenger section. It can be positioned: behind the front seats; b

 Roof bars/Spoiler

Accessing the mounting points Open the doors to access the mounting points 1. If original roof bars, approved by our Technical Department, are supplied with screws, only use the


 High pressure pump: Removal - Refitting

K9K, and 764 or 772 WARNING Before starting work on the vehicle, obtain: a new plug kit (PART NO. 77 01 476 857), cleaning cloths (PART NO. 77 11 211 707), cleaning product (PART NO. 77 11 224 188). WARNING Parts always to be replaced: the high pressure pipe between the injector rail and th

 Emergency spare wheel

Open the tailgate; lift the carpet; lift the cover 1 and remove it; remove the tool kit by lifting it by its handles; The label 2 reminds you of how to operate the emergency spare wheel winch. unscrew nut 3 in an anti-clockwise direction until it comes o

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