Renault Clio: Your comfort


 Air vents conditioning and heating system

left-hand side window demister vent. left-hand side air vent. windscreen demisting vents. centre air vents. right-hand side air vent. right-hand side window demister outlet. pas

 Manual air conditioning

The controls Adjusting the air temperature. Adjusting the ventilation speed. Air conditioning. Distribution of air in the passenger compartment. De-icing/demisting of the rear screen

 Automatic climate control

The controls Automatic mode. Air temperature adjuster. “Clear View” function. Passenger compartment air distribution adjustment. Air conditioning control. Adjusting the ventila


 Sunroof sun visors: Removal - Refitting

PANORAMIC SUNROOF IMPORTANT Before working on or near a safety system component; make sure that the airbag computer is locked using the Diagnostic tool. When this function is activated, all the triggering lines are inhibited and the airbag warning light on the instrument panel is continuously lit (

 Multifunction switch: Removal - Refitting

DP0 REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Shift the selector lever to Neutral. Disconnect the battery (see Battery: Removal - Refitting) (MR 392, 80A, Battery). Remove the battery tray (see ) (MR 392, 80A, Battery), the air filter unit (see Air filter unit: Removal - Refitting) (MR 3

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