Renault Clio: Trip computer


 Trip settings

The display of information shown below DEPENDS ON THE VEHICLE EQUIPMENT AND COUNTRY Examples of selections Interpreting the display selected a) Total mileage and trip

 Trip computer and warning system

Information messages These can help in the vehicle starting phase, or give information about a selection or a driving status. Examples of information messages are given in the following pages.

 Clock and exterior temperature


 Rear fog lights: Removal - Refitting

REMOVAL OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF PART CONCERNED K85, and DOCUMENTATION PHASE 1 Move the rear fog light using the tool (Car. 1363) as a lever at (1). B85 or C85 or S85, and DOCUMENTATION PHASE 2 Move the rear fog light using the tool (Car. 1363) as a lever at (2).   Disconnect the rea

 High pressure pipe between pump and rail: Removal - Refitting

K9K, and 764 or 772 WARNING Before starting work on the vehicle, obtain: a new blanking plug kit (part no. 77 01 476 857), cleaning wipes (part no. 77 11 211 707), cleaning product (part no. 77 11 224 188). WARNING Parts always to be replaced: all the high pressure pipes which have been rem

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