Renault Clio: Trip computer


 Trip settings

The display of information shown below DEPENDS ON THE VEHICLE EQUIPMENT AND COUNTRY Examples of selections Interpreting the display selected a) Total mileage and trip

 Trip computer and warning system

Information messages These can help in the vehicle starting phase, or give information about a selection or a driving status. Examples of information messages are given in the following pages.

 Clock and exterior temperature


 Exhaust gas recirculation unit: Removal - Refitting

K9K, and 750 or 752 REMOVAL Position the vehicle on a two-post lift. Remove the scuttle panel grille (see Scuttle panel grille: Removal - Refitting). Disconnect the exhaust gas recirculation solenoid valve electrical wiring harness (4). Detach the electric wiring harness. Disconnect

 Front side door electric window mechanism: Removal - Refitting

REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove the front side door trim (see Front side door trim: Removal - Refitting) (72A, Side opening elements trim). Open the access flaps (1) and (2) of the window winder mechanism following the marking on the door sealing film (see Door sealing fi

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