Renault Clio: Driver correction devices and aids

Renault Clio IV (2014-2019) Owners Manual / Driving / Driver correction devices and aids

Depending on the vehicle, this is composed of:

These functions are an additional aid in the event of critical driving conditions, enabling the vehicle behaviour to be adapted to suit the driving conditions.

However, the functions do not take the place of the driver. They do not increase the vehicle’s limits and should not encourage you to drive more quickly. Therefore, they can under no circumstances replace the vigilance or responsibility of the driver when manoeuvring the vehicle (the driver must always be ready for sudden incidents which may occur when driving).


 Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

Under heavy braking, the ABS prevents the wheels from locking, allowing the stopping distance to be managed and keeping control of the vehicle. Under these circumstances, the vehicle can be ste

 Electronic stability program (ESC) with understeer control and traction control

Electronic stability control ESC This system helps you to keep control of the vehicle in critical driving conditions (avoiding an obstacle, loss of grip on a bend, etc.). Operating principle A s

 Emergency brake assist

This system supplements the ABS and helps reduce vehicle stopping distances. Operating principle The system is for detecting an emergency braking situation. In this case, the braking assistance i


 Power Assisted Steering

Power-assisted steering: Function Assistance varies according to vehicle speed. IMPORTANT Do not remove any steering column component. Note: During fault finding, the Service warning light flashes at a frequency of 2 Hz. Power-assisted steering box: List and location of components Steering rack

 Rear Lower Structure

Luggage retaining cross member: Removal - Refitting I - REMOVAL 1 - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove the luggage compartment carpet. Remove the rear bench seat. Remove the protective carpet of the luggage retaining cross member. 2 - OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF PART CONCERNED Remove: th

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