Renault Clio: Multimedia equipment

The presence and location of this equipment depends on the vehicle version.

  1. Multimedia touchscreen;
  2. Multimedia sockets;
  3. Steering column control;
  4. Voice commands;
  5. Microphone.
Refer to the equipment instructions for information on how to operate this equipment.

Using the telephone We remind you of the need to conform to the legislation in force concerning the use of such equipment

Renault Clio. Multimedia equipment

Renault Clio. Multimedia equipment




To open the bonnet, pull the handle 1. Before performing any action in the engine compartment, the ignition must be switched off by pressing the engine stop button (please see

 Engine oil level: general information

It is normal for an engine to use oil for lubrication and cooling of moving parts and it is normal to top up the level between oil changes. However, contact your approved Dealer if more than 0.


 Exhaust gas recirculation: List and location of components

K9K K9K, and 764 or 766 or 768 or 772 First fitting of the exhaust gas cooler recirculation assembly (1) Exhaust gas recirculation solenoid valve (2) Exhaust gas cooler (3) Exhaust gas inlet pipe (4) Metal air inlet tube (5) Cooler support on the flywheel end (6) Cooler support on the timing side S

 Towing a vehicle with an automatic gearbox

With the engine switched off, the transmission is no longer lubricated. It is preferable to tow this type of vehicle on a trailer or tow it with the front wheels off the ground. Under exceptional circumstances, you may tow the vehicle with all four wheels on the ground, only going forward,

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