Renault Clio: Fuel Mixture


 Air inlet: Description

D4F D4F, and 740 or 742 or 764 Air inlet Air inlet trunking Air filter unit Motorised throttle valve Inlet manifold D4F, and 784 air inlet Air filter box air inlet pipe Air filter unit A

 Air resonator: Removal - Refitting

K4M - F4R REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Position the vehicle on a two-post lift (see Vehicle: Towing and lifting) (02A, Lifting equipment). Remove: the battery (see Battery: Removal

 Air filter: Removal - Refitting

D4F, and 740 or 742 or 764 REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove the air filter unit (see 12A, Fuel mixture, Air filter unit: Removal - Refitting, 12A-17). II - OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF


 Manual gearbox: Identification

JA3 or JA5 or JH3 or JR5 K4J / K4M / K9K / D4F engines are fitted with type JH and JR manual gearboxes. A marking (1) on the gearbox casing indicates: Gearbox type Gearbox suffix Production plant Production number K9K, and TL4 - F4R, and 830, and TL4 Identification plate Engraving Ge

 Instrument Panel

Clock: Before/after repair procedure SETTING THE CLOCK WITHOUT NAVIGATION AID, and RADIO NO. 01 or RADIO NO. 02 or RADIO NO. 03 or RADIO NO. 04 or RADIO NO. 05 or RADIO NO. 06 or RADIO NO. 07 or RADIO NO. 08 Switch on the ignition. Switch the radio on. Adjusting the hour: press button (1) to

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