Renault Clio: Fuel Mixture


 Air inlet: Description

D4F D4F, and 740 or 742 or 764 Air inlet Air inlet trunking Air filter unit Motorised throttle valve Inlet manifold D4F, and 784 air inlet Air filter box air inlet pipe Air filter unit A

 Air resonator: Removal - Refitting

K4M - F4R REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Position the vehicle on a two-post lift (see Vehicle: Towing and lifting) (02A, Lifting equipment). Remove: the battery (see Battery: Removal

 Air filter: Removal - Refitting

D4F, and 740 or 742 or 764 REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove the air filter unit (see 12A, Fuel mixture, Air filter unit: Removal - Refitting, 12A-17). II - OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF


 Dashboard wiring: Connector access

I - LOCATION OF CONNECTORS R251 connector (dashboard wiring/radio + telephone wiring connection). R369 connector (dashboard wiring//multimedia wiring connection). R99 connector (dashboard wiring/heating wiring connection). R 173 connector (dashboard wiring/wiring for one-touch steering

 K9K, and 766 or 768

IMPORTANT Wear protective gloves during the operation. WARNING Never rotate the engine anti-clockwise (timing end). WARNING Do not run the engine without the accessories belt so as not to damage the crankshaft accessories pulley. I - PARTS TO BE SYSTEMATICALLY REPLACED the timing belt, the timin

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