Renault Clio: Headlights


 Front lighting: List and location of components

DOCUMENTATION PHASE 1 I - LIST OF COMPONENTS The front lighting consists of: headlights (see 80B, Headlights, Headlight: Removal - Refitting, 80B-7) halogen bulbs (see 80B, Headlights, Headlight

 Headlight: Removal - Refitting

DISCHARGE LAMPS, and DOCUMENTATION PHASE 1 IMPORTANT To prevent eye injuries: do not look at a xenon bulb when lit (voltage when lit 20000 V), do not light a bulb which has not been fitted into i

 Headlight: Adjustment

DOCUMENTATION PHASE 1 ADJUSTMENT I - PREPARATION OPERATION FOR CHECK Place the vehicle in a working area equipped with a two-post lift. Note: Check that the lift is on flat, horizontal ground.


 Rear screen wash/wipe

Speed-dependent timed rear screen wiper With the ignition on, turn the end of stalk 1 to align mark 2 with the symbol. Wiping frequency varies with speed. When working in the engine compartment, ensure that the windscreen wiper stalk is in the park position. Risk of i

 Diesel injector: Configurations

K9K, and 750 or 752 or 766 or 768 To configure the injectors, (see MR 394 Fault finding, Diesel Injection, Configuration and programming). Diesel injector: Removal - Refitting K9K, and 764 or 772 IMPORTANT To avoid all risk of damage to the systems, apply the safety and cleanliness instructions

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