Renault Clio: Body Internal Trim


 Centre floor front carpet: Removal - Refitting

REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove: the complete rear bench seat, the front seats (see 75A, Front seat frames and mechanisms, Complete front seat: Removal - Refitting, 75A-33),

 Headlining: Removal - Refitting

IMPORTANT Consult the safety and cleanliness advice and operation recommendations before carrying out any repair (see Airbag and pretensioners: Precautions for the repair) (88C, Airbags and pretensio

 Front door sill lining: Removal - Refitting

B85 or C85 REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Partially remove the seal (1). Using a pair of unclipping pliers, unclip the bonnet release catch (2). II - OPERATION FOR REMOVAL OF PART C


 To lock the system

Press nut 3, screwing it on fully until it locks in place. Several turns will be necessary. This operation is essential to ensure that the wheel is secure; return handle 4 to its original position; clip the tool kit; replace the cover, then lower it and replace the luggage com

 D4F, and 784 or 786

REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Position the vehicle on a two-post lift (see Vehicle: Towing and lifting) (MR 392, 02A, Lifting equipment). Disconnect the battery (see ) (MR 392, 80A, Battery). Remove: the engine undertray, the engine cover, the front bumper (see Front bumper:

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