Renault Clio: Chassis


 General Information

 Brake circuit: Operating diagram

" X " braking system with load-sensitive compensator IMPORTANT This is a diagram of the general principle, do not use it as a reference for take-off points or circuit allocation. When replacing compo

 Braking circuit: Bleed

IMPORTANT To avoid all risk of damage to the systems, apply the safety and cleanliness instructions and operation recommendations before carrying out any repair (see 30A, General information, Brake c


 Dashboard cross member: Removal - Refitting

Note: In the event of a front impact with triggering of airbags, check the area of connection between both diameters of the beam. If there is any damage visible to the naked eye, this part must be replaced. REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Remove: the front doors (see 47A, Side opening

 Hydraulic distributor: Removal - Refitting

DP0 REMOVAL I - REMOVAL PREPARATION OPERATION Position the vehicle on a two-post lift (see Vehicle: Towing and lifting) (MR 392, 02A, Lifting equipment). Shift the selector lever to Neutral. Disconnect the battery (see Battery: Removal - Refitting) (MR 392, 80A, Battery). Remove: the front

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